Topografía La Nucía, Alfás del Pi, El Albir, Polop y Callosa. Planos, Deslindes y Medición de terrenos. Georreferenciación y Certificados Catastrales.

The Topographers and Architects of the Costa Blanca work throughout the Marina Altaand Baja from:  Villajoyosa, Finestrat, Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucía, Altea, Calpe, Benisa, Benitaxell, Jávea, Denia, Oliva, Gadía and Cullera.

  • We perform measurements and topographic maps and plans of urban plots.
  • We measure plots, locate and mark in the field boundaries disappeared or confused of the plots.
  • We defend private property with urban reports in Alicante.
  • We apply the municipal urban regulations.
  • We design Topography Projects with plans of the zones measured.
  • We clear plots, rethink the limits of urban lots.
  • We divide plots, we transform the borders of the lands.
  • We measure the surface of a plot and we deliver a flat with dimensions of the parcel sides dimensioned.
  • We deliver expert reports with topographical plans for urban trials, reports based on land law, property law, building quality law and the Valencian Community Town…

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